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- Our Research & Development -

In this developing world, we have focused on creating and improving the quality of our products, up-gradation by indigenous & overseas technologies for which we have a well equipped separate R&D laboratory.

Our research department is responsible for the development of new products in order to constantly improve the performance of our fragrances. It covers :

  • Creation Lab: The creative R&D of new blends according to customer needs through an expert team of perfumers is done here. Our perfumers work on the guidelines of IFRA so that our customers can relax over the sensitivity issue of the perfumes.

  • Olfactory Lab: The Olfactory Analysis of various perfumes and new fragrance ingredients is conducted. This analysis supports our marketing team and also our customers. This analysis also checks odour quality as well as market acceptability of the Fragrances.

  • Application Lab: This section of R&D conducts various Product application tests of new fragrances developed at creation lab by our perfumers. Only after going through various application tests the perfumes are recommended for different product use.

  • Quality Control: Each and every inventory and finished product have to go through strict quality control. To keep the check over the quality various tests are conducted like Gas Chromatography, Refractive index, Specific Gravity, Bloater test, Olfactory test, Flash Point etc.

  • Distillation: We also have in-house distillation for high-quality natural oil extraction and refining of aromatic chemicals to give our customers the best quality of Fragrances.

A dedicated team of people, who add newer products to our existing product range, keeping track of global trends in related fields, leads Fragrance Specialities Research and Development. Our dedication and commitment to R&D provide our customers with premium products and ready expertise when they need it.

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